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Medical and Refill Questions

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Medical and Refill Questions

Medical Questions

At Coastal OB/GYN Specialists, we have telephone triage nurses liaison between patients and providers. The nurses can answer medical questions, provide lab results, and under the direction of a provider fill/refill prescriptions as necessary. The nurses work closely with the providers to provide rapid, accurate response to phone calls and health issues.

If you need to contact our nurses, please call our main number at 785-8000, option 1.

Prescription Refills

All prescriptions and authorizations for renewals should be requested during normal office hours, when medical records are available. Prescriptions will not be phoned in after office hours or on weekends except for emergencies. Please advise us if this prescription is for a mail-in program.

To refill a prescription, please contact the office at (772) 785-8000. Please provide our office with the following information:

Your name
Your date of birth
The name of your medication
Dosage instructions
The pharmacy where you purchase your prescriptions
The pharmacy phone number
Whether you want a 30-day or 90-day supply
Specify if you need brand name only

Do not wait until you are out of medication to request a refill. Keep in mind that many pharmacies do not routinely carry all prescription drugs. Therefore, try to call for a refill a few days prior to taking your last dose to give the pharmacy a chance to order your drug. Ask for prescription refills during your office visit. Prescription refills will be processed only for ESTABLISHED PATIENTS who have been seen within the past 12 months. (One additional month of refill birth control pills can be called in for established patients. This will allow time to schedule an annual visit).


Your chart will be reviewed by your provider and the refill will be called in directly to your pharmacy, If your provider feels an office visit is necessary before a refill can be given, you will be notified by phone. For each office visit, please bring a list of all the medications and supplements you are taking, including those prescribed by other providers. Double-check that the prescription you get at the pharmacy is correct. Check the medication name, dosage and instructions. When filling a new prescription, ask your pharmacist about potential side effects and how to take the


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