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OBGYN Services Overview

Our services are designed to meet the obstetrical and gynecologic needs of our patients throughout the many stages of life. With a complementing team of physicians and mid-level providers, we provide Gynecologic care and Obstetrical care including low and high risk pregnancies.

Gynecologic Care

We provide our patients with complete gynecologic care for women through every stage of their lives. We provide
the following:

  • Routine Annual Exams/Pap Smears
  • Abnormal Pap Smear evaluation and management including office colposcopy, cryocautery, LEEP
  • Heavy/Painful Period evaluation and management including office sonography and hysteroscopy
  • Endometrial Ablation – Novasure (procedure to treat heavy/painful periods) – available in-office OR outpatient
  • Endometriosis evaluation and management (medical and surgical)
  • Menopausal evaluation and management
  • Irregular Bleeding evaluation and management
  • Pelvic Pain evaluation and management
  • Post-Menopausal Bleeding evaluation and management
  • Contraceptive counseling, prescriptions and insertion/removal of IUDs, Nexplanon
  • Comprehensive infertility testing, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment
  • Hormone evaluation and management
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS/PMDD) evaluation and management
  • Treatment of Fibroids including Myomectomy, Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Hysterectomy
  • Ovarian Cyst evaluation and management
  • Tubal Ligation (outpatient sterilization)
  • Gardasil counseling and vaccination
  • “Above-the-waist” adolescent visits, contraceptive counseling
  • Sexuality/Libido discussion/evaluation


At Coastal OB/GYN Specialists, we provide complete obstetrical health care including pre-pregnancy counseling, routine and high-risk prenatal care, and postpartum care
and counseling.

We manage most obstetrical situations, including multiple gestation, hypertension, diabetes, and preterm labor. In areas of special concern, we coordinate with Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists.

We are pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to experience delivery of your baby at the new birthing suites at Tradition Medical Center. Tradition Medical Center, which is part of Martin Memorial Health Systems, provides private, comfortable birthing rooms where the mother and partner can share the birth experience. Tradition Medical Center has a Level II Special Care Nursery should your baby have special needs after birth.

When labor occurs, the obstetrician or midwife assigned to the hospital on that date will attend the patient during her labor and delivery. Our certified nurse-midwives work collaboratively with our physicians. Our midwives have continuous physician availability for consultation, collaboration, and referral of care.

Tradition Medical Center, 10000 SW Innovation Way, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987


4 D Ultrasound


We perform both gynecological and obstetrical sonograms in our office. We offer both diagnostic and elective 3D and 4D ultrasound. Coastal OBGYN continues to utilize cutting-edge technology performing our scans with the GE 730 Voluson Pro. We have highly trained registered diagnostic sonographers (RDMS).

At our practice, we offer you the opportunity to schedule an elective 3D and 4D obstetrical ultrasound during your pregnancy. This means you can request an appointment for an ultrasound for the pleasure of bonding with your baby. You are welcome to bring family and friends to share this experience.  Sessions can start as early as 24 weeks. Earlier ultrasounds allow you to see a more complete image of your baby. Later ultrasound’s reveal improved facial features since the developing fat layer enhances these images.  Many parents-to-be choose to come in twice to see their baby at various stages of development.  There are multiple packages available to fit your budget.

Ultrasound Packages

  • Complete  30 Minute session, approximately 10 images burned to CD, thermal images and optional gender determination 150.00
  • Deluxe  45 Minute session, approximately 15 to 20 images burned to CD, thermal images, live video clips and session burned to DVD 200.00
  • Watch my baby grow.  Two complete sessions, approximately 10-20 images burned to CD, thermal images and live video burned to DVD included in each session 300.00
  • Heartbeat Animals. You can now go home from your ultrasound with your babies heartbeat recorded inside one of our precious stuffed animals 35.00

Frequent questions and answers

1.  What is an elective 4D Ultrasound?
Elective ultrasound provides A UNIQUE BONDING OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPECTANT mothers and their family and friends. These ultrasounds do not require an order from your physician and cannot substitute a diagnostic study.
2.  How far along should I be before I have a 4D ultrasound?
If you plan on only having one 4D ultrasound examination we recommend having the examination performed between the 26th an the 33rd week of pregnancy. However images of your baby can be obtained anytime after 24 weeks of pregnancy.
3. Is this ultrasound covered by my insurance?
As this is an elective procedure it is NOT COVERED by any type of insurance.
4. Can you always tell the gender of my baby?
We are able to determine the baby’s gender to a very high degree of certainty. Depending on your baby’s gestational age we are able to accurately determine the gender. If we are not able to tell with certainty at your first visit you will be invited to reschedule at no charge for a quick peek at a more favorable time.
5.Will I always get the perfect picture of my baby?
Many factors affect the quality of the images including fetal position, amount of amniotic fluid and amount of maternal tissue. We promise to make every effort to obtain the best images possible. If the baby remains uncooperative throughout  your session it may be necessary to repeat the scan at a later time when the position has changed. We want you to be happy with the quality of the exam and we encourage you to share any concerns with us prior to leaving your session.
6. How many guests can I bring?
This is an opportunity to share with your family and friends the opportunity to meet and bond with your baby. Seating is limited but you can bring as many people as you would you like to gather round and enjoy the view.
7. How long does it take?
The length of time depends on the package you have chosen and how cooperative your little one decides to be. It takes approximately 30-45 min.
8. Do I need a full bladder?
No. We prefer that you be comfortable for your session. However it is a good idea to b hydrated for your session. We recommend that you wear comfortable two-piece clothing.

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